We are a small fine jewelry store, in Bradenton, located on the beautiful west coast of sunny Florida in Manatee County.  We bought the established store in 1998, when it was called "Jewelry Outpost", but we changed the name after a few years, as we thought that sounded far too much like some discount outlet.

All of our fine jewelry is either designed and made by us, right here in the United States, or it has been hand-selected by us, one at a time from different manufacturers. We happen to think we have the best fine jewelry in Bradenton, but that's only our opinion!

You can be confident that anyitem you get from us will be beautiful, durable,
and comfortable. We carry diamonds, rubies, sapphires, garnets, opals, citrine, onyx,
tourmaline, amethyst, boulder opals, Mexican fire opals, pearls, jade, carnelian, emeralds, aquamarines, lapis lazuli, topaz, and other gemstone jewelry, all designed in 14K gold, 18K gold, sterling silver or platinum.

In our Gallery, are photos of some of the jewelry that is now, or has been in the store. Some items are only available for a short time, because they are one-of-a-kind, and when they are gone, they are GONE. Let us know if you are looking for a particular item, and we'll try to find it for you.

We also do jewelry repair, and restring pearls and beaded items. If you have a favorite piece of costume jewelry, often, we can also repair that. We put new watch batteries in battery operated watches, and will shorten your watchband - as long as it is not gold or platinum, FREE of charge!

Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a wedding band, a gold diamond cocktail ring , or a pinky ring, a bangle or a gemstone bracelet -- you'll find it at:

14K - 18K
Sterling Silver
Lapis Lazuli
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