Did you know that you have your own personal birthstone?
Below are the gems currently recognized as the monthly birthstones in the U.S.
CLICK the gemstone for the month you were born, for facts and trivia about yours...

  December                           Tanzanite
  November                                 Topaz
  October                                      Opal
  September                           Sapphire
  August                                    Peridot
  July                                            Ruby
  June                                           Pearl
  May                                       Emerald
Gemstones are truly one of God's treasures, just waiting to be unearthed, cut, polished,
made into jewelry, worn and appreciated.
  April                                      Diamond
  March                                Aquamarine
  January                                  Garnet
  February                              Amethyst
P.S. If you do not happen to LIKE your birthstone, that's fine! There is no "law" that says you have to wear it. I like sapphires a great deal more than the birthstone for my month!

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