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February Birthstone

Traditionally, Amethyst is the Birthstone for February

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. Historically, they are the gemstone of choice
for a 12th wedding anniversary.

They can be any shade or hue of purple - from the palest lilac, to lavender, violet, grape, and

all the shades in-between - up to a deep royal purple. Some amethysts have red-violet overtones,
some have sections that fade to white, and some are found with yellow quartz which is citrine. 
When amethyst gemstones are mined that have citrine with them, they are often cut to display 
both colors in one stone, and called Ametrine.

For lovers of purple, amethyst jewelry is affordable, abundant, and easily obtained. One of the

loveliest of all gemstones, it does not command an outrageous price, even in its finest qualities.
Amethyst stones are lovely set in sterling, platinum, or white or yellow gold, and they are
especially enhanced when surrounded by sparkling white diamonds.

Below are some interesting BELIEFS about amethyst:  

* If amethyst is placed underneath your pillow, it will insure that the sleeper has pleasant dreams.
* When one places an amethyst under the tongue when drinking wine, it will prevent drunkenness. 
Its very name means "not drunken", as it comes from the Greek word - "amethystos". In ancient
times, amethyst amulets were worn to prevent drunkenness. It is also supposed to prevent one 
from becoming inebriated, if one drinks wine from a goblet carved of amethyst.

(As much as I like to use myself as a guinea pig to prove my research, this one will
have to pass. I am a teetotaller.)

* Amethyst is supposed to quicken intelligence. and promote gentle, amiable behavior.

(Now, this one seems to work!)

* Supposedly, wearing amethyst will make a businessman (or woman) shrewd.


* It is believed that wearing amethyst will protect one against poisons.

(Don't think I'd try THAT!)

* Legend has it, that amethyst can improve your memory.

(We are not sure HOW that works!)

With a hardness of 7, on a scale from 1 to 10, amethyst makes a very durable gemstone for jewelry.
By nature, amethyst gems have good luster, great transparency, and exceptional beauty. Some
amethyst crystals are so large, that they are carved into figurines, bowls, perfume bottles, and
drinking vessels. We once saw an amethyst geode that was almost as tall as I am! 

Incidentally, all amethyst crystals exhibit "twinning". Twinning is an intergrowth of 2 or
more crystals, in reverse relationship to each other, caused by an actual reversal of atomic

positions in the crystal lattice. Many of them show a "fingerprint" effect, when geodes of
amethyst are split apart. Amethyst geodes are ALWAYS interesting!

Amethysts can be found in the U.S., Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Burma, Mexico,
Australia, India, Russia, Canada, and in many other parts of the world. 

The chemical composition of amethyst is SiO2, or silicon dioxide.

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