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September Birthstone

Traditionally, Sapphire is the Birthstone for September

Sapphire - it is the versatile gemstone for all reasons, seasons, and occasions, and

it also happens to be the birthstone for September.
One can hardly say that they don't like sapphires, as they come in almost of the colors of
the rainbow.  Generally, the color blue comes to mind when we think of sapphires, but
the truth is that they come in every color but red.  When they are red, they are rubies.
( See our "Did You Know Page")   

Sapphires are one of the most expensive of the gemstones, being considered "precious",
rather than "semi-precious". Due to their hardness, it is a great deal more laborious
and time-consuming to cut them properly, than it is the softer gems. They deserve to be
called "precious", because they are extremely hard, very durable, and just simply lovely.

An interesting facet (no pun intended) of sapphires, is that they are slightly harder
than rubies, and the color is distributed a bit differently. Because sapphires are the closest
to diamonds in hardness, it is possible to use them in place of emeralds, citrine, topaz,
zircons, aquamarine, amethyst, or any other colored gemstones, with great effectiveness.
(We have yet to see a sapphire that approximates the look of an opal, however.)

Any items of jewelry made with sapphires, will be much more durable than if a softer
stone was used.

Below are some interesting facts, trivia, and beliefs about sapphires

​* In the museum at Gotha, Germany, there was (maybe IS) a figure of Confucius, carved
from a "parti-colored" sapphire. The carving was done in such a manner, that the
head is colorless, the legs are yellow, and the body is a pale blue.

* It is believed that wearing sapphires gives one stronger vision, which
includes visions of the future.

* Sapphires are said  to halt black magic  and evil spells. 

(I prefer to trust the Lord on that one!) 

* They are considered to be a symbol of truth and stability.

(Everyone should wear sapphires, then.)

* They are mentioned in the Bible, in Revelation 21, as the second
foundation of the heavenly city.

* Sapphire is considered to be the stone for Autumn. 


Sapphires are found in the United States, Australia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia,
India, Tanzania, and many other places.

Over the years, we have had sapphires in our store that were royal blue, navy blue, green,
pink, cornflower blue, white, yellow, purple, lavender, and several other colors.

The chemical composition of sapphire is Al2Ol3, or aluminum oxide.

Sapphires rate 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

- Wise Men STILL Seek Him -