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We have been in business at this location, since 1998.  When we first purchased the store, the
name of it was "Jewelry Outpost".  People used to think we were some type of discount house 
or that we had Western type jewelry, or that we were a swap shop. Years ago, we changed it to
its present name - "Natalie's Fine Jewelry", named after one of my daughters. 

Our goal from the onset was to bring back the nostalgic, time-honored, old-fashioned way

of doing business.  We believe that people should be able to trust their local merchants, and
we operate with that goal in mind.

Natalie's Fine Jewelry provides durable, comfortable, beautiful jewelry, in 14K, 18K, platinum,

and sterling silver.  Many of our items are one-of-a-kind, and about half of our inventory is
designed by us, made by us, or made specially for us.   We have exacting standards, and
our purpose always is to maintain a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE.

Far too often we see jewelry come in for repair, purchased at one of the major chain stores,

or from television, or online that is made solely for the purpose of purchase . It is thin,
poorly designed, uncomfortable to wear, and too lightweight to stand up to the test
of time. I have often said - "There ought to be a law".

If you like to look like everyone else, and wear what everyone else is wearing, and follow

all of the latest jewelry fashions, you will most likely not like our jewelry store. People 
are all - "one of a kind", and we think your jewelry should be unique. 

Since 1998, two of my daughters, one of my sons and I have operated the business, with a

few select helpers.  Almost all of the fine jewelry items that we carry are either designed and
made by us, right here in the United States, or they have been hand-selected by us, one at a time
from various designers.  You can be confident that the jewelry you acquire from
us will always be --- comfortable, beautiful, and durable.

While much of our local business is repair work, we also do a lot of custom designs. Our store is

friendly, family-oriented, and all of the inventory is wholesome.

" Good jewelry is not cheap, and cheap jewelry is not good."
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