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Birthstones of the Months

Did you know that you have your own personal birthstone? Below are the gems currently
recognized as the monthly birthstones in the United States.

CLICK the gemstone for the month you were born, for facts and trivia about yours!

Believe it or not, gemstones are found in all 50 states in the US. Delaware seems to have the distinction of having the least, but in every state, gems of SOME type are to be found!
Gemstones are truly one of God's treasures - just waiting to be unearthed, cut, polished, made into jewelry, worn and appreciated.

Some gemstones are considered to be precious gems, simply because of their scarcity in fine gemstone quality, and because they are harder, and withstand a lot of wear without getting easily scuffed or chipped. 

Other gemstones are called "semi-precious". These are more abundant in nature, and tend to be much
softer than what we call "precious" stones. The semi-precious stones are also generally less expensive, and
many are as beautiful as what the industry considers to be precious stones.

P.S. If you do not happen to LIKE your birthstone, that's fine! There is no "law" that says you have to wear it. I like sapphires a great deal more than the birthstone for my month!

- Wise Men STILL Seek Him -